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The Kin

"of the same kind or nature; having affinity"

What is the Kin?

When I took over the winemaking in 2004 we produced one of the most magical Cabernet Franc’s ever. Unfortunately it was grown for one of our blends, and this is where it ended up, in our delicious Beaumont Ariane. I was too green behind the ears that year to make the decision to go against the 'plan', but from that moment on I decided I needed to create a way of showcasing these occasional but magical wines.

And so The Kin was born, creating a way for me to share these fascinating and unique wines with you. The Kin offers some truly magical and very limited wines available only to our members.

Last year I bottled our first ever Colombar. Platter guide gave it 4.5 star rating and kin members have raved about the wine. This follows the single barrel bottlings of Tinta Barocca, Petit Verdot, Malbec and Cab Franc. By joining the Kin you allow me to keep experimenting and capturing some unique wines!

Here is a preview of the wines that will go out this year to our members.

Tinta Barocca 2019

The final vintage of Tinta Barocca from the farm, three barrels produced. I have a really magical wine to share with you. The 2019 is a beautifully pure expression of the grape. The vines were 45 years old in 2019, their yields inviably low but the fruit was incredible. This has resulted in a wine that is pure and silky smooth after 2 years in barrel. A fitting swansong and tribute to an amazing vineyard planted by my father. I will also use a portion of this for our Vitruvian 2019 blend.

6 bottles per Kin Member

Hope Single Vineyard 2019

This is only the second single bottling of this vineyard, the Kin Old Vine Chenin 2016 being the first. The 2019 vintage is a magical expression of the vineyard. Spicy herbal stone fruit aromas follow onto a soft silky palate that has great texture and length which is typical of what this vineyard brings to Hope Marguerite.

6 bottles per Kin Member

Hope Marguerite 2020

Our 24th year! Yet another classic vintage. This wine seems to be following its traditional path, where it is an even number year (e.g. 2020) the vintages are more classical, leaner and defined as opposed to the uneven years (e.g. 2019) where the wines have been broader and richer. This 2020 vintage has aromas of honey suckle spice, sunshine, green melon, pear and floral white peach, limey acidity and a lovely tangy finish. The acidity is perfectly balanced to cut through the texture of the wine. Hint of chalkiness keep the wine fresh. Enjoy now or put it away for up to 15 years.

6 bottles per Kin Member

Far Side Mourvèdre 2018

Pre-release of this beautiful vintage. There is a delicate power to this wine and it expresses the beautiful purity of the cultivar. The 2018 has savoury spice aromas of plum, cinnamon and cloves. Textured with fine tannins with a hint of cigar smoke and dark cherry fruit on the palate. A wine that opens up with time in the glass. Dink over the next 5 to 10 years.

6 bottles per Kin Member

As a member of our tribe you will receive a bundle of perks.

​- Wines produced and bottled exclusively for The Kin members, not available elsewhere.

- A 24 bottle offering of wines once a year, which consists of a medley of carefully selected wines. (June 2021 will be the next offering)

- A 15% discount on all Beaumont wines purchases and first in line for all events on our farm






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