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OUR ENVIRONMENT  |   how we make a difference


As parents and guardians for future generations, we have always been acutely aware of how critical it is for us to farm and live sustainably. We continuously strive to tread lightly, but with great impact. Here are a few ways in which we have committed to doing this. It is always a work in progress and we will keep you updated on our green journey as we continue to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Proud members of the Green Mountain Conservancy with 250ha of our land committed to this local conservation organization that aims to protect the indigenous flora and fauna in an area of 34,000ha.

Land Management Plan helps manage and care for the natural areas on the farm including regular alien vegetation clearing.

Producing Green Energy we run the entire farm run from an integrated solar system. Our aim is to one day feed excess power generation back into the to the grid, but for now we are happy to be free of our generator, and the diesel this consumes. We enjoy receiving the daily reports of the C02 emissions we are cutting, the trees we are saving and the difference we are making.

Bokashi Composting we have recently introduced this heat composting system which turns all of our organic restaurant and farm waste into healthy and robust compost for our farming activities.

Biodegradable Cleaning Chemicals from are used in our farm cottages, tasting room and restaurant.

Farm Vegetable Garden supplies organic fruits, herbs and vegetables to our deli.


OUR APPROACH  |   to wine making


Certified by IPW (Integrated Production of Wine) verifying that our wine as being sustainably produced and that waste is being managed in line with their standards.
Natural Wine Making as far as possible - we use minimal sulphur, no GMO products, no animal products and only indigenous yeast strains.
Reducing our Carbon Footprint We are constantly looking at ways to reduce our packaging footprint. We have recently moved to lighter bottles & boxes.

OUR APPROACH  |   to farming


Implementation of Environmentally friendly pest and fungal control  in our orchards and slowly removing the use of herbicides on the farm.
Educated planting All our new orchards & vineyards are established in correct soils, with correct cultivars and root stock selection to be farmed with better water efficiency.
Old Vine Project We follow the guidance and procedures for best methods of establishing new vineyards and cultivar selection that will take us into the future, working alongside organizations such as the this
GLOBAL GAP Annual audit of our fruit production methods to comply with GLOBAL GAP regulations.

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