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THE KIN  |   Join the tribe


The story of our KIN starter in 2004 when Sebastian became our winemaker. In this vintage he produced one of the most magical Cabernet Franc. Grown for our delicious Beaumont Ariane, this is where it ended up, blended in along with the other varietals.


Excited by the beauty of this single varietal, a conversation started around how we could go off ‘plan' more often and find a way to showcase these occasional, but exquisite wines. The Kin was born.
Through the Kin we have created a channel to bottle fascinating portions from the cellar, be they specific single varietal wines or experimental portions that show something magical. These bottlings are usually very limited and will only be available only to Kin members.





Why join?​

As a member of our tribe you will be able to enjoy the following:

  • 24 bottles of wines once a year, consisting of a medley of carefully selected wines 

  • Wines produced and bottled exclusively our Kin members

  • A 15% discount on all Beaumont Wines 

  • A 15% discount on your stay at one of our farm cottages

  • First option on tickets to our events

  • First option on new or special release wines

  • An invite to our annual Kin tasting in December

The Kin 2023

The Kin Colombar 2022 x 6

The Kin Grenache 2022 x 6

Ariane Cabernet Franc 2021 x 3

Hope Marguerite 2022 x 3

Far Side Mourvèdre 2020 x 3

Starboard NV x 3





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