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ABOUT A FAMILY | Tradition. Craft  




“I often get asked which wine is my favourite, to which I reply; they are like my children, you can’t choose one over the other. They are all unique, individual and special in their own ways.”





The Beaumont family story is one where fact, fable and fantasy merge - a story where wine, food and family are always at the centre of the narrative - a story in which a family filled with big-hearted and impassionate people, strive to capture the essence of happiness, be it in the cellar, in the kitchen or sitting on a farmhouse stoep. It is a story that applauds the efforts of the everyday and the memories that are made through generous sharing of the spoils of the land.


CHAPTER 1  |   Raoul & Jayne


Jayne founded Beaumont Wines in 1974 with Raoul, her now deceased husband - a free spirited, somewhat infamous and larger than life character. With a love for travelling, sailing, Spain and motorbikes, his many tales live on amongst the shales of Beaumont and in Raoul’s Range of wines.


Jayne had always made small quantities of wine and therefore the decision to start a wine farm and business was in fact out of necessity – they needed a home to cultivate both passion and grapes. Their journey continued as they embarked upon the craft of making wine on the then Compagnes Drift Farm, since renamed Beaumont. The farm was completely transformed by hard work, a spirit for adventure and a proper dose of crazy. The decision to make wine under the family name was life-changing and represented an unconditional commitment to every bottle produced.


Since then, Jayne has cultivated vineyards, crafted wines and art and pursued bee farming.

Her three children, Sebastian, Ariane and Lucien, were all born and raised on the farm and so, during any visit to the cellar lunches, tastings, tractor tours and farm hikes, the stories that unfold are rich, funny, and beautiful. These stories form the foundations of the many traditions that have naturally occurred during the years that followed.


Jayne continues to produce a limited amount of Pinot Noir with her own hand-drawn labels.


CHAPTER 2  |  Meet the family


Sebastian, Nici, Sophie, Leo &


Sebastian is the oldest son and a second generation

Beaumont - a man with a passion for wine, fishing and surfing. After studying viticulture and oenology he joined the family business in 1999 and honed his skills on the farm as viticulturist initially, working alongside Raoul.


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Lucien, Nadia, Charley Hope & Jack


Lucien, the youngest of the Beaumont siblings, lives a life close to nature. As an experienced game ranger and passionate surfer, he heads up the business of Beaumont Adventures, and is referred to by the family as “a proper ranger with rifles and walking sticks”.


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Ariane, JP, Lily-Mae & Zack



Ariane, the only daughter to Jayne and Raoul, has her mother’s creativity and her father’s charm – traits evident in the elegant and unique style of her jewellery making. Married to Jean-Pierre, publisher of well-known South African wine and food guides...


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CHAPTER 3  |  The next generation


Sophie Isabella Beaumont


Nici and Sebastian’s oldest daughter, Sophie, is the first of the new generation. She loves surfing like her “pops” and swims like a fish under water. Sebastian feels that women often have a better sense of taste, a finer touch and more attention to detail when it comes to wine making, so although she claims now to want to join Nici in producing delicious food, this may change in years to come.


Leo, Raoul Balthazar Beaumont


Sophie’s younger brother Leo spends his afternoons fighting the vineyard villains with swords, bows and arrows. He has inherited his granny’s artistic streak, but has also mastered the fine art of tasting and spitting wine. 

Henri Aart Dangerfield Beaumont 


Leo’s younger brother Henri has a true farmer soul. In case you're looking for Henri, you will find him with a water hose in his hand and gumboots on his feet. He seems to be living up to his name both in looks and in spirit.


Lily- Mae & Zack Beaumont-Rossouw


Twins of daughter Ariane and Jean Pierre, fairy-like Lily Mae is just like her mother while Zack has inherited the more serious, critiquing traits of his father. They live around the corner in Onrus.


Charley Hope Beaumont


Lucien and Nadia’s Charley came crashing into all of our lives early. Since then she has been keeping us on our toes. Fiery, spirited and content, a mash up of her parents. With a name like hers she is destined to be as enchanting as her great gran Hope Marguerite.

Jack Reef Beaumont

Charley's younger brother Jack and the most recent addition to the Beaumont clan. The wild bunch keep him on his feet and he is truly adored by all his cousins and his big sister.


CHAPTER 4  |  Extended family



In 2004, Nici formed a partnership with Jen Pearson, both business graduates turned chefs, which resulted in the formation of Zest - a revered food and catering company and the force behind the superb luncheons and picnics served at Beaumont. Despite both Nici and Jen being über busy and full time moms, their zest for food brings an infectious energy and elegance to the farm. Jen has two children with husband Warren; Finn and Rae.


Jen is originally from Toronto, but enjoyed her youth in the UK where she met Nici at Edinburgh University. They connected over food and economics.


Her husband, Warren, a qualified paramedic and Sea Rescue member, has his own private guiding business. Jen, Warren and their children have become part of a farm of working families and form an extension of the Beaumont story.


Visit the Zest website here.


Jen & Warren Pearson



Aart & Susi Weijburg



Aart and Susi are not only the parents of Nici Beaumont and grandparents to Leo and Sophie but also life-long friends of Jayne and Raoul.


Jayne and Susi attended the same school where they shared a passion for ballet and art. Following this they both attended Michaelis Art School. Aart and Jayne attended the same psychology lectures and according to Aart, Jayne always had the best notes, which fortunately for him she was prepared to share.


With a wealth of business experience, Aart has been instrumental in bringing together the art of wine and business. Many hours have been spent fine tuning the delicate balance between the two.


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