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THE KIN 2024

The Kin - Skin Contact Chenin Blanc 2021 - 6 Bottles

I have been experimenting with fermenting Chenin like a red wine since 2011. Partly to see what extra dimension of flavour can be extracted from the skins and also to challenge the concept of orange wines. I love the finesse and freshness of white wines, but I also love when they have some texture and length, this wine is my expression of this style. Fermented on the skins for 10 days with gentle mixing of the juice in a fermentation bin. Gentle extraction is essential. The finished wine has a lovely perfume, enhanced by the skin contact, making it fruity and nutty at the same time. The palate is fresh and focused with extra layers of texture from the tannins.

The Kin - Whole Bunch Mourvèdre 2021 - 6 Bottles

This is also a wine that challenges the traditional methods applied to making Mourvèdre. Grapes are harvested from our oldest vineyard, then put into a bin for (100%) whole bunch fermentation, not destalked or crushed in any way. I have tested this technique on Mourvèdre a few times with great success. The Far Side Mourvèdre is traditionally 40% whole bunch fermented, but with this method you get extra perfume and freshness and a very fine textured palate. I hope you find it as fascinating as I do!

Special Release Pinotage 2022 - 6 Bottles

We are celebrating 50 years of being on the farm this year. Jayne and Raoul made a crazy purchase in 1974 and started planting Chenin Blanc and Pinotage in their very first year. To celebrate this milestone, we made a unique blend of our Pinotage vineyards, with 60% from our certified heritage vineyard planted in 1974 and 40% from our younger vineyards. The result is perfumed and intense but with a bit more finesse than the Jackals River 2022. A friend did a rework of the original label that Jayne used for her first vintage of Pinotage in 1994, and so we have a beautiful wine to commemorate 30 years of producing spectacular Pinotage!

Hope Marguerite 2023 - 2 Bottles

I hadn’t tasted the new vintage since bottling, so I decided to take a bottle up the West Coast a few weekends ago. I was blown away by what was in the glass! The 2023 should be leaner and edgier than the 2022, and in some ways it is, but the spicy fresh fruits and very inviting aromas lure you into the wine immediately. It is lively on the palate but has a sneaky amount of sweetness to coat the tannins and the acid. This combination with Chenin Blanc is deadly delicious. I am excited that our Kin members are the first to receive the new vintage and to hear your feedback.

Ariane Cabernet Franc 2022 - 2 Bottles

Our Kin members were the first to receive the 2021 vintage. I only produced about 900 bottles and it was sold out by the time Platter Wine Guide awarded it 5 stars! I am equally excited to show you the new 2022 vintage. A little bolder and denser than the 2021 but still fresh and filled with the enchanting aromas that make this grape so fascinating. I hope you still have a few bottles of the 2021 to compare it to the 2022. Otherwise, you will have to wait till the end of the year for our annual event, I will make sure to do a comparative tasting.

Dangerfield Syrah 2022 - 2 Bottles

I am thrilled to include this wine in the offer this year. I decided to skip the 2021 vintage altogether, mostly because the 2022 outshone any vintage I have produced before. This vintage is mesmerizing - power and delicacy combined with a distinctive aroma of herbs, spice and dark fruits that flow onto a fresh energetic palate. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!





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