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OUR COMMUNITY  |   What we do to help


As a wine farm we are inundated with requests to donate and support charities across the country. A few years ago we made the decision that the most important thing for us is education, our community and our Beaumont team. We have been focusing on these priorities ever since. 

OUR COMMUNITY  |   Education



We firmly believe that the future of South Africa boils down to the education of our people. Quality education is the most reliable pathway out of poverty for many children. Without an education there is no freedom to choose your future. To support this ethos we have a few projects that we focus on. There can never be enough funding for these projects so if you are interested in being a part of this journey please contact us for more information

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2021 marks the year that Mpho Ntshweni matriculated from Rhenish Girls High. 2022 will be the year that Mpho becomes the first member of her family to attend University. 

Mpho and her story has taught us so much. Most importantly that every child deserves and needs the chance to access a decent education. She has inspired us to continue this journey with future children that show potential and a hunger for a better education.

Read about Mpho's story here and join us in supporting this incredible initiative.


Lucky Point in Botrivier strives to create better opportunities for children by teaching them to care for their living environment, providing a safe area to play and learn in and, of course, teaching a good work ethic. Lucky Point runs numerous initiatives including a recycling programme, a creche, an after school care space and a youth centre with a gym, an art room and music room and sewing room and a canteen providing free health meals for the undernourished and hungry.


BEF is a non-profit organisation which exists to serve the Bot River community by empowering the young people of Bot River and surrounding towns with a means to tertiary education. Their aim is to assist promising students in primary and high school so that they are able to achieve entry into university. This is done through mentoring, contact tutoring and online facilitation. This endeavour was founded in 2005 by ordinary members of the community seeking the extraordinary for their children.

OUR COMMUNITY  |   After School

At Beaumont we believe it is critical to give back to the community. We support soccer & netball clubs in Bot River that offer after school activities that are healthy and safe. It is essential in communities like ours to keep the children off the streets and away from drugs and crime.

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The Beaumont team are all from Bot River. We support our team in numerous ways. Most important to us is our counselling program that we offer through ABBA. Once a week we offer counselling services that any of our staff can sign up for. Through ABBA we also offer workshops that assist our staff with numerous issues such as grief, parenting, addiction, financial planning and personal relationships. 

Another important element of looking after our team is training and upskilling. We invest into our team each year by ensuring they attend courses and receive training in those areas that they are involved in. This is not only to improve their work at Beaumont, but also to give them skills and qualifications that they can take with them wherever they go. 

We also make sure that all the children of our staff have all the stationary they need for each school year. These additional costs weigh heavily on our team at the start of each academic year and we try to ease this by financing this vital part of their school requirements.