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OUR COMMUNITY  |   what we do 


Beaumont Family Wines is deeply rooted in the Bot River community, as it has been for the last 50 years.  We believe that the success of our own farm ultimately depends on the success of our employees, their families and the community. In addition to supporting our team, we champion education. Here are some of the ways in which we support our team and the wider community.

OUR TEAM  |   proudly Bot Rivieran


Our farm team is from Bot River, a small town of around 8000 inhabitants. Over the years we have had members of the same family, spouses, as well as multiple generations of the same family employed.


We support and invest in our team by:

  • Paying fair wages, above industry standards

  • Providing safe working conditions for our staff

  • ​Proudly employing permanent staff from our local Bot River community

  • Offering regular training and upskilling opportunities for our staff

  • Subsidizing medical care with local private doctors

  • Offering free weekly counselling session with a qualified councillor to address mental and family health issues

  • Offering annual workshops covering money management, drug & alcohol abuse, workplace prosperity and parenting skills –

  • Assisting in setting up retirement plans for our staff

OUR CHILDREN  |   the future

The future of South Africa depends on people getting a better quality of education. This is the most reliable pathway out of poverty for many children. Without an education there is no freedom to choose your future. We prioritize our donations and fundraising to support educational causes.


​We support the parents on our farm team by:

  • Sponsored stationary for all children of our staff at the start of the school year

  • Career and subject choice counselling to all the Grade 9 and 12 children of our staff to assist them in making the correct choices for their future to enable them to work towards their highest potential

OUR PROJECTS  |   what we support

BOT RIVER EDUCATION FOUNDATION - BEF is a non-profit organization that serves the Bot River community by helping promising students gain entrance to university through mentoring, contact tutoring and online facilitation. Since 2005, 38 of their students have graduated from tertiary education institutes, another 22 are currently attending tertiary institutions and a further 33 are still in school.

LUCKY POINT  - Lucky Point strives to create better opportunities for children by teaching them to care for their living environment, providing a safe area to play and learn in and teaching good work ethic. They run numerous initiatives including a recycling programme, a crèche and after school space, a youth centre with a gym, art room, music room, sewing room and a canteen providing fresh healthy meals for the undernourished.

BOT RIVER SOCCER - We sponsor a local boys and girls club. The Lucky Girls FC is a hugely successful, championship winning, soccer club. These clubs not only bring home the trophies, but also keeps kids off the streets and busy after school and on weekends.

HOW YOU CAN HELP  |   contribute

If you are interested in being a part of this journey we would be hugely grateful, there can never be enough funding.
You can simply click on the tab below to donate or add your contribution to your online order.
If you would like any more information on any of the initiatives we support, please email

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