Pinotage 2018

This is a great follow-on vintage from the superb 2017. The wine is a little softer on the finish and displays the delicacy and fruit focus of the 2018 vintage. It is, what I call, a converter wine. This means it is a great Vintage to enlighten those who normally don’t appreciate the grape to be converted to its inner beauty. It is a fantastically medium bodied, cooler climate style of Pinotage. A true expression of elegance over power. Drink now or mature for a further 5 – 10 years.

Pinotage 2011 - Special Release

This wine is an absolute joy to drink. In my humble opinion, 2011 was one of the truly great vintages here at Beaumont. All the wines we produced that year have great varietal identity, weight, texture and balance. This Pinotage surprised me so much the other day that I thought we had to make it possible for you to get hold of some! It’s just incredibly beautiful now, drinking it is a real treat. Don’t miss this opportunity. Limited volume.