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Beaumont is a family owned and managed farm situated in the heart of the town of Bot River ("Botter Rivier") in the Overberg.


The farm, home to the region’s oldest wine cellar, was originally established in the 1700s by the Dutch East India Company as a supply farm producing fruit, vegetables, dairy, wine and flour.

Jayne and Raoul Beaumont bought the farm, Compagnes Drift, in 1974 and set about replanting the vineyards. The farm was transformed through hard work and an adventurous spirit. Raoul was a maverick of the vineyards and motorcycles and Jayne an artist, teacher and mother. Jayne pioneered the first wine, making small amounts of Pinotage bearing her hand-drawn label in the late 1970s.


The legacy of wine made under the family name was cemented with the first bottle of Beaumont Pinotage, produced in 1994. Since then, the wines have born the crest of the Beaumont family. The roaring lion represents honour and courage and serves as a symbolic message of balance – a quality synonymous with our wines.


The historic farm offers quintessential Overberg architecture with barns and homesteads, authentically whitewashed walls and black tin roofs. Three of the original buildings have been beautifully restored as quaint self-catering cottages and the farm is home to one of the oldest working watermills in the country.

The farm remains a family affair with Sebastian and Nici having taken over in 2015. They live on the farm with their three children, Sophie, Leo and Henri. Jayne is also still involved, making her own wines, managing the gardens and helping out with her many grandchildren.


Sebastian and Nici’s creative vision has breathed new life into the farm and Beaumont Family Wines. They have created a new look for the brand, renovated and upgraded farm buildings, taken a fresh look at many of the practices on the farm and added a Deli into the offering.  They are helped in this endeavour by Nici’s partner in Zest Catering, Jen, who is overseeing the Sales & Marketing side of the business.


Our story is one where family, fervour and farming merge, also where wine, food and people are always at the centre of the narrative. This is our story and we invite you to be part of it.

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