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As a member of our tribe you will receive a bundle of perks.

​- Wines produced and bottled exclusively for The Kin members, not available elsewhere.

- A 24 bottle offering of wines once a year, which consists of a medley of carefully selected wines.

- A 15% discount on all Beaumont wines purchases and first in line for all events on our farm


6 x The Kin Grenache 2020

6 x Beaumont Ariane 2019 - final vintage

2 x Far Side Mourvèdre 2019 - new release

2 x Dangerfield Syrah 2019 - new release

2 x Beaumont Rosé 2022 - new release

2 x Hope Marguerite 2021 - limited availability

2 x Vitruvian 2017 - limited availability

2 x Goutte D’Or 2021 - limited availability

The Kin Grenache 2020 - 6 Bottles

After waiting almost 15 years to plant some clean, new clone Grenache on the farm, it finally came true in 2017. I chose a piece of deep sandy soil at the foot of the hill on the farm for this small portion of bush vine Grenache. The idea was to plant it where we could maximize the warmth of the farm and still allow the roots to go deep down to find the water that seeps down the hill. Our first crop in 2020 was tiny but very healthy. I had 3 barrels and selected the best one for bottling for the Kin. Nici and I “tasted” the bottle a few weeks ago and oops it slipped down so beautifully. Lovely brooding red fruit with a silky soft texture and a great purity from the nose to the pallet really makes this a stunning wine. Ultimately it will be used as a blending component in the Vitruvian. This vineyard has a long future ahead of itself. I hope you enjoy it!

Beaumont Ariane 2019 - 6 Bottles

As one wine is borne, another wine must reach its end. This is the final vintage of our Ariane as a five cultivar Bordeaux style blend. Since its first vintage in 1998 it has been a classic elegant and stylish wine in our range. However, as I say we are not in Bordeaux we are in Bot River. What I take out of having made this wine over the years is that Cabernet Franc is an incredible grape to work with on our farm. Not all is lost – you will be able to enjoy Ariane as a pure Cab franc in very limited bottlings in the future. For now, we have the 2019 vintage for you to enjoy. It’s a great vintage that has produced a very complex and fascinating expression of the blend. Cabernet Sauvignon leads it with 47% followed by Cabernet Franc at 27% and then Merlot, Petit, Verdot and Malbec fleshing the wine out. The 12.5% alc. reminds me of great vintages that are silky smooth in their youth yet continue to develop classic complexity over time. Savour this vintage.

The New Release Case

Far Side Mourvèdre 2019 - 2 Bottles. In my book 2019 and 2017 are two great vintages from our farm. This Far Side Mourvèdre is no exception. I tasted it recently with our UK buyers and they were very impressed with this vintage. A touch more robust than the 2018, but with that comes a denser aroma of spice, herbs and some stewed plums. The palate needs some time still! So don’t be in a rush to open it. But if you can’t resist then put in a decanter a few hours before drinking it.

Dangerfield Syrah 2019 - 2 Bottles. Our shift from making Shiraz styles to a more Northern Rhone like Syrah is coming of age. This 2019 vintage is a cracker, layered with those delicious spicey, white pepper, olive tapenade aromas that follow onto a fresh palate. This wine has great spice and intensity with a lovely long finish. Drink now or over the next 10 years.

Beaumont Rosé 20222 Bottles. This wine is back in very limited quantities and you are the first to receive and review it. Aimed at replicating one of those very on trend Provencal Roses and made from Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre. I wanted a light but bright colour with a beautiful fruity aroma and a fresh, dry palate. It also has beautifully balanced alcohol which allows you to easily enjoy a whole bottle from start to finish without even having to share it. Drink now or when Spring bursts back into our lives.

The Exotic Mix Case

Hope Marguerite 2021 – 2 Bottles.

The 26th vintage of Hope Marguerite Chenin Blanc is another beautiful expression of this wine. Our two heritage vineyards have come together to give that fundamental expression of elegance and finesse. The wine is still young with a distinctively chalky palate, which will with time refine in the bottle. Fresh fruit aromas with a hint of spice and citrus blossom and a great acidity keeps it very focused. Another vintage to enjoy when the moment works for you or to stash away in a cool dark place to allow it to mellow gracefully. On strict allocation, if you are looking for more, please let us know.

Vitruvian 2017 – 2 Bottles. Our first platter 5-star vintage for our flagship red blend is now being released. Co-fermented Mourvèdre, Cab Franc, Pinotage and Syrah and later spiced up with a dash of Petit Verdot and Tinta Barocca. What is Co fermented? It is something I have been trying for quite a while in my crafting of the Vitruvian. Basically, I decide on a specific day in the harvest to pick all these key cultivars and to start the blending process right in the fermentation phase. I am looking for seamless integration of these cultivars. This has worked so beautifully in the 2017 vintage and has produced a massively complex wine that slowly shows the layers of flavour that each cultivar provides to the blend. Drink over the next 10 to 15 years.

Goutte D’Or 2021

Yes, it’s back and you are receiving the first few bottles of this sweet delight. My last bottled vintage was from 2016. Due to the last few drought years, we have really struggled to get good botrytis developing on the grapes in late autumn. 2021 has produced the first vintage in a long time where I think we have some of that beautiful sweet wine complexity from grapes. They shriveled up on the vine as the mould developed and with this have concentrated the sugars and brought a magical spectrum of flavours to this style of Chenin Blanc. Best enjoyed as an aperitif with some chicken liver pate or if you have some beautiful Beaumont almonds you can make an almond torte and serve it with some crème fraiche and some ice cold Goutte D’Or. A sublime experience.

The cost of the Kin 2022 is R7200 for 4 cases / 24 bottles. The wines will be ready to ship from 13th June 2022. To join our tribe click here





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