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We have been wanting to add a name to our beautiful medium bodied cool climate Pinotage for some time now, but like naming a child, the process is not easy. The funny thing is that I recently found a bottle from the 1999 vintage when I started working on the farm, called Jackals River Pinotage. It was a special bottling for our UK agents at the time. The Jackals River, named after the winding way the river runs from Elgin down to meet the Bot River on our farm, is our main water source that provides life to our whole farm. It is dark cola in colour from the iron leached out of the fynbos. As an homage to this amazing water source, we have now resurrected this fantastic name and our Pinotage officially has a new name and identity!

Pinotage 2018

This is a great follow-on vintage from the superb 2017. The wine is a little softer on the finish and displays the delicacy and fruit focus of the 2018 vintage. It is, what I call, a converter wine. This means it is a great Vintage to enlighten those who normally don’t appreciate the grape to be converted to its inner beauty. It is a fantastically medium bodied, cooler climate style of Pinotage. A true expression of elegance over power. Drink now or mature for a further 5 – 10 years.





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