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This week we have some exciting news, we have another newly christened wine, our Beaumont Far Side Mourvèdre. One of my favourite cultivars.

Far Side Mourvèdre 2017 is released and almost sold out at the same time. We only have 15 x 6 cases left on the farm. But fear not, the 2018 Far Side will be available in a couple of weeks. A beautiful follow up vintage to the 2017. Fresher and a bit lighter but with red berry fruit and its signature fine grainy tannin.

I absolutely adore the mysterious character of this cultivar, likening it to a piece of extraordinary music, it might not appeal straight away but with time it slowly grows on you and takes you to the “Far side”.

According to the French, “Mourvèdre needs to grow with its head in the sun, its feet in cool soil and a view of the sea”, making Bot River the ideal climate. We have clay soils which retain enough moisture to hold water through the summer, ample wind to control the vigour and enough sun to ripen the grapes fully. From the top of the hills in the valley you can look down on to the Bot River Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean 12kms away. This is where you will find my favourite surf break, called the Far Side, it is a magical spot, best enjoyed at sunrise.





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