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To celebrate the start of our 2021 Chenin harvest we are offering you something special, the Federweisser Fortnight!

At the early stages of harvest, once our delicious Chenin juices start fermenting, we celebrate this short but sweet period of feathery white, aromatic wine, called the Federweisser.

This year we will be offering a taste of the fresh Chenin grapes, a taste of this unique lightly fermented Chenin Blanc juice, and the chance to compare it to the finished Chenin Blanc from last year.

While historically we have celebrated this on a specific day, this year we have decided to offer this fabulous experience over a two-week period. We feel we all need a little extra time for celebrating this year!

As tradition demands, we will be pairing these lightly alcoholic nectars with home-made Tarte Flambee (also known as Flammkuchen), a classic style flatbread with crème fraiche, onions, bacon and chives. Our Deli will be serving up these, as well as other delicious seasonal dishes.

It is an utterly unique tasting experience not to be missed! We have plenty of outdoor seating and fresh farm air.

The Federweisser Fortnight starts Saturday 13th February and runs until the end of Saturday 27th February.

Contact us to make a booking! Open Mon - Fri 9am – 4pm | Sat 10am – 3pm





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