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To celebrate the arrival of Autumn and hopefully the return of dinner with close friends, we thought we would do something unique and special for our next Vinotheque wine offer. We have safely stored some fabulous big bottles in our cellar and are releasing a few for sale!

What is all the fuss about big bottles I hear you ask? Well, apart from looking impressive, large wine bottles actually slow down the aging process by allowing wine to age more gracefully. The key reason is the space between the bottom of the cork and the wine’s surface, (called the ullage), is the same regardless of the size of the bottle. A magnum has a similar-sized ullage as a standard bottle, but twice the liquid inside. This means that the process of aging will occur at a slower rate, allowing the wine more time to achieve its ultimate peak of maturity.

To order one of these beauties just click here to get to our online shop




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