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Spring Weekend – Guided Hikes into our Mountain

Beaumont Trails

Set at the heart of the Groenlandberg (Green Mountains), the historic Compagnes Drift Farm and Beaumont Family Wines lie just an hour from Cape Town. Well known for its wines and welcoming atmosphere, the farm has dedicated over three quarters of its land to conservation; it is also part of the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Wines aside, the area is most famous for its fynbos flora. An astonishing 1650 flowering plants have been recorded in the Biosphere – such diversity is unmatched anywhere else in the world. Spring (August to November) is generally the best time for flowers but there is always something in flower in the fynbos. Prepare for dazzling proteas, shy orchids and honey-scented heathers to name just a few!

It’s a great birding destination too. Around 200 bird species are found here, resulting in the area’s classification as an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area by Birdlife South Africa. Among the feathered highlights at Beaumont Wines are raptors such as Verreaux’s Eagle and Black Harrier plus local endemics like Victorin’s Warbler, Cape Sugarbird and Ground Woodpecker.

There is also the chance to spot some of the Groenlandberg’s mammals: antelope such as Klipspringer and Grysbok are regularly seen while Baboons, Rock Hyrax and Cape Hares are fairly common. Less often seen are the region’s ‘mega sightings’: Cape Leopard, Caracal (Lynx), and Cape Clawless Otter.

Spring Weekend Hike @ Beaumont Family Wines – 5th & 6th September 2015

Starting at Beaumont Family Wines at 10am you will be met by your guide in front of the cellar.

The hike will last two to three hours and it will lead you back to Beaumont where you will be able to refresh yourself with some lunch or even a swim in the dam.

For the hike you will need a comfortable pair of walking shoes, light backpack, hat, sunscreen and a waterproof windbreaker as the weather can change quickly. Binoculars are recommended if you are interested in birding. A light weight camera is also great if you would like to capture the beautiful vistas of the surrounding landscapes as swell as any new flowers that may be blooming.

Your guide will carry water bottles and Beaumont will supply some snacks rich in energy to keep you charged whilst on the hike. You will also receive your own hand crafted Beaumont Trails walking stick made from the local invasive tree’s as a part of “Working for Water”.

Safe parking is available at Beaumont.

Cost per person is R150

To book please contact / 0282849194




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