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CHAPTER 2  |   Lucien, Nadia, Charley Hope & Jack Reef 


Lucien, the youngest of the Beaumont siblings, lives a life close to nature. As an experienced game ranger and passionate surfer, he heads up the business of Beaumont Adventures, and is referred to by the family as “a proper ranger with rifles and walking sticks”. His ability to capture nature on camera resulted in a YouTube video of a porcupine fending off 17 lions going viral, bringing him online fame. -


Lucien and Nadia met through mutual friends, reggae music and nature. A romance ensued in the African bush at Londolozi Private Game Reserve where they worked together and eventually decided to start their own chapter in the Beaumont story.


After marrying on the farm they decided to make the move from Londolozi back to Bot River. Here they live with their feisty daughter, Charley Hope Beaumont.


Nadia uses her wealth of experience and natural talent for looking after people to head up the marketing and sales side of the wine business. Her passion for people and attention to detail brings a whole new dimension to the Beaumont experience.


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