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Our Events

Beaumont boasts many traditions, from the extraordinary to the brilliant – but never boring. The traditions have been the culmination of years of family gatherings that have grown to include neighbours, friends and Beaumont wine fans.

These ceremonious traditions include The Port Stomp, the Field to Loaf Festival and the Family Barrel Lunches, all of which bear the heart and souls of its hosts and leave visitors with lingering memories and new friendships.

Federweiser Day

Once our delicious Chenin juices start fermenting, we celebrate this short but sweet period of feathery white, aromatic wine – The Federweisser. As tradition demands we pair these lightly alcoholic nectars with our home-made Flammkuchen, an Alsatian style flat bread with crème fraiche, onions, bacon and chives. A relaxed and fun day at the cellar.


The Port Stomp

On the 3rd Friday of the month of March, we invite guests into our old concrete tanks to help stomp our port grapes under the stars. Only once Sebastian is satisfied with the quality of the stomp, is everyone rewarded with a delicious farm dinner and plenty of port.

To join our next port stomp, please mail Nici at