Beaumont Family Wines Cottages & COVID19

We have implemented the following procedures

  • Thorough cleaning of cottages between guests using 70% alcohol sanitizer

  • Specific focus on areas of high traffic and on items that are touched regularly

  • Space of at least 6 hours between departure and arrival to allow for a thorough clean and aeration of the cottages

  • Sanitizer are now available in all rooms


Our staff have also been educated around the hygiene requirements for COVID19 and are following the below steps on a daily basis

  • All staff have their own face masks that they are wearing throughout the working day

  • Temperatures are taking on a daily basis

  • Hand washing facilities are all fully equipped and hand sanitizing station are located in numerous spaces, with easy access to all staff.


New Booking Policies

In the light of these uncertain times we have reviewed our booking and cancellation policy for the up and coming season

  • We have adjusted our rates so that any bookings made directly through our website or with our staff qualify for a 10% discount

  • Extension of all 2020 rates into 2021 for all existing and new bookings

  • We have put in place a new cancellation policy which will remain valid until the WHO declares the pandemic over, or restrictions impacting travel are lifted. The following set of terms replace our previous terms and are applicable from 1st July 2020. They remain in place until such time as the World Health Organisation declares the pandemic over, or restrictions impacting travel are lifted.

  • Once these conditions are removed, any booking still to travel or made under the auspices of these terms and conditions would be replaced by our standard terms & conditions

Cancellation Policy– Maximising Flexibility

These revised cancellation terms only apply to COVID-19 related reasons for cancellation, these include:

  • The World Health Organisation has not revised the Pandemic status

  • The government in the guest’s country of residence restricts all but essential travel

  • Level 3 travel restrictions are imposed on the destination by the guest country of residence

  • Our area is under official government sanctioned lock-down that prohibits guest from traveling.

  • The guest has contracted COVID-19 and under treatment or is in quarantine or under medical treatment up to the 48 hours prior of travel. &BEYOND reserves the right to ask for any reasonable evidence, written statements and or documents to support the reasons for cancellation that are given.

  • Any reason for cancellation not listed above, Beaumont family wines cottages our standard terms & conditions apply

Confirmed Bookings travelling from 1st July to 30 September 2020

In order to accommodate this recognised Global Force Majeure event and the resulting varying worldwide travel restrictions, we have amended our standard terms to allow guests to postpone their booking up to a year after the original booking date and carry forward 100% of the booking’s value* to the future booking. Should a guest elect to cancel the booking then our standard cancellation policy applies.


Given the fluidity of global events, we recommend guests wait until the 15th AUGUST 2020 to make a decision to postpone or continue travel after 1 OCTOBER 2020. Should guests elect to cancel or postpone the booking prior to 15 AUGUST 2020 then Beaumont Family Wines Cottages standard terms and conditions apply.

Should the same global conditions (varying worldwide travel restrictions) exist at 15 AUGUST 2020, then guests may consider postponing their bookings travelling between 1 OCTOBER 2020 to the 1 DECEMBER 2020 up to a year after the original travel date and carry forward 100% of the booking’s value* to the future booking.

*Booking Value

  • 2020 rates will be honoured for new travel dates in 2021

  • Should the future booking be for travel in a different season, or availability of services means that the costs of the logistics, activities, or accommodation has increased, the traveller will be liable for the difference in costs associated with the new trip.

  • Applied Special Offers may not be applicable on the new reservation.

Thinking about cancelling your existing confirmed booking?

Electing to cancel a booking based on the current level of uncertainty is understandable but our advice to guests is not to do so. Most travel operators across Africa, Asia and South America are electing to impose their normal terms and conditions in this event which may result in any deposits or monies paid being unrecoverable. At this time deferral remains the best outcome to ensure monies paid* are retained future use.

Travel Insurance

As flexible as Beaumont Family Wines is being in relation to future travel, we highly recommend that guests take out comprehensive travel insurance; including “cancel for any reason” (where still available) to ensure any funds lost can be recovered.